Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Long Island Sound Facts

Did you know?
Area of LIS: 1320 sq. miles
Drainage Basin or Watershed:16,820 sq. miles
Average Depth: 63 ft. (60-120 ft.)
Volume: 18 trillion gallons
Coastline: 600 miles
Salinity Ranges: 23 parts per thousand in the western end to 35 parts per thousand at the eastern end
Source of Fresh Water: 90% of the freshwater comes from three major Connecticut Rivers - the Thames, Housatonic, and Connecticut
Temperature: 32 degrees F in winter and 73 degrees F in summer
Tides: two high and two low each day with the greatest tides in the west
Population Living within 50 miles: 20 million people
Estimated Value to the Local Economy: $5.5 billion per year
Fish Populations: more than 120 species of finfish, including 21 tropical species that stray here seasonally; at least 50 species spawn in the Sound

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